Careers in Atmospheric & Earth System Science - FAQ


Frequently Asked Questions


Do you need a degree in meteorology to work at NCAR or UCAR?

We have staff with all kinds of backgrounds and expertise. Many have degrees in meteorology, climate science, atmospheric chemistry, and related Earth science fields. See the other topics on this page to learn more about careers in scientific research.

But we also have people with many other kinds of skills working with us. Our staff have training in scientific computing, hardware and software engineering, project management, systems administration, web development, office and business services, and a variety of other fields. To learn more about nonscientific job opportunities, see:

How do I find out more about careers in atmospheric and Earth science?

How can I find out what it's like being a scientist?

What are the employment prospects for people with a degree in atmospheric or Earth-system science?

What kinds of high school courses should I take if I'm interested in this field?

What about preparation for graduate school?

How do I find universities offering programs in atmospheric and Earth-system science?

How do I find financial aid for undergraduate or graduate study?

Programs of all types:

Programs emphasizing underrepresented groups:

How do I find postdoctoral fellowships?