Where can I find weather history for a particular town, city, county, or state (records of temperature, pressure, wind, rain, snow, etc.)?

U.S. weather data for temperatures, winds, precipitation (rainfall/snowfall/hail), and other key measurements can usually be obtained from the office of the state climatologist in the region(s) you're interested in.

In Colorado, for example, the state climatology office is the Colorado Climate Center at Colorado State University.

To find a comparable office in another state:

  • Visit StateClimate.org (American Association of State Climatologists). The site also provides information and links to six regional offices (see Regional Climate Centers, below)
  • Or search for "state climatologist" plus the state's name in your favorite search engine.
  • For international locations, try a similar search engine approach.

What if I need data from more than one U.S. state?

Follow the links provided on the map provided at the link above, or go directly to:


What about another country?

The World Meteorological Organization is a good place to start