Sarah Gibson

NCAR Scientist

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Area of expertise
Sun and Upper Atmosphere
coronal mass ejections and their precursors; high-speed streams of solar wind that can affect Earth; the overall structure of the solar corona

Gibson uses computer models, along with ground- and space-based observations, to study the structure and evolution of coronal mass ejections. She is particularly interested in understanding twisted magnetic structures located in the Sun’s corona that may be linked to mass ejections. She also studies high-speed streams of solar wind that can affect Earth even when the Sun is near a minimum stage in the solar cycle. Gibson’s methods include advanced data analysis techniques that incorporate a range of solar observations to aid in forming a comprehensive, three-dimensional picture of the corona. Her research may eventually lead to better predictions of coronal mass ejections and other solar events that can buffet Earth’s atmosphere and affect sensitive communications and navigational systems. Gibson is a researcher in NCAR's High Altitude Observatory.