Richard Anthes

President Emeritus, UCAR

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Area of expertise
satellite observations, hurricanes and other tropical cyclones, weather forecasting

Richard "Rick" Anthes, who served as president of UCAR from 1988 through January 2012, is an internationally recognized atmospheric scientist, author, educator, and administrator. His expertise includes hurricanes and other tropical cyclones, numerical weather forecasting, satellite observations, and technology transfer to less developed countries. A former president of the American Meteorological Society, he is a leading spokesman on weather forecasting and other atmospheric science topics. In recent years, he has helped oversee a revolutionary U.S.-Taiwan observing system known as COSMIC, which gathers global data about developing hurricanes, climate change, and other atmospheric events. Anthes co-chaired the National Research Council Committee on Earth Science and Applications From Space, which in 2007 warned that NASA’s aging system of Earth observing satellites was inadequate for the nation’s science and technological priorities.