Climate Experts

NCAR Scientist
climate variability, global warming, and climate change from a paleoclimate perspective; the role past climates play in understanding future global warming; the influence of volcanoes and the Sun on climate
Photograph of Caspar Ammann
NCAR Senior Scientist
land-atmosphere interactions of ecological and hydrological processes, forest dynamics, ecosystem theory, effects of natural and human-induced changes in landscapes on climate
Photograph of Gordon Bonan
NCAR Scientist
the influence of global warming and climate change on polar regions, with a focus on Arctic sea ice; abrupt climate change
Photograph of Marika Holland
NCAR Scientist
climate change, sea level rise, the potential melting of the Greenland ice sheets, and ocean circulation
Aixue Hu
NCAR Director
regional climate change, global warming, atmospheric patterns such as the North Atlantic Oscillation, and computer modeling of climate
Photograph of James Hurrell, NCAR Director
NCAR Scientist
coral reefs and global warming, including the effects of sea-level rise and changes in ocean chemistry
Photograph of Joanie Kleypas
NCAR Scientist
include clouds, lightning, and geoengineering
Photograph of John Latham
NCAR Scientist
permafrost and climate change; climate change at northern latitudes; interactions between land, atmosphere, and climate, particularly with regards to the water cycle
Photograph of David Lawrence
NCAR Scientist
computer modeling of global climate; the role of land surfaces in climate; potential climate impacts on agriculture and crops
Sam Levis
NCAR Senior Scientist
climate change and global warming, especially regional impacts; effects of global warming on agriculture; global warming and health; variability and uncertainty in climate change research
Photo of Linda Mearns
NCAR Senior Scientist
climate change and major impacts of global warming, particularly heat waves, droughts, storms, and other weather extremes; regional climate change; El Niño and other influences of the tropics on global climate
Photograph of Jerry Meehl
NCAR Scientist
climate change models; Antarctica; climate and human health
Andrew Monaghan
Director of the Institute for Mathematics Applied to the Geosciences
include use of statistics to study atmospheric and Earth systems science
Photograph of Douglas Nychka
NCAR Scientist
paleoclimate, including variability in temperature and sea level
Photograph of Bette Otto-Bliesner
NCAR Scientist
the impact of population changes and other socioeconomic events on climate change; global warming policy; integrated assessment modeling
Photograph of Brian O'Neill
NCAR Scientist
paleoclimatology; computer modeling of climate with a focus on polar regions
Photograph of David Schneider
NCAR Scientist
instruments that study global carbon cycle, mitigating future climate change
Photograph of Britton Stephens
NCAR Senior Scientist
climate change and global warming, particularly influences on drought, precipitation, hurricanes and other storms; El Niño, weather, and climate; global water and energy cycles
Photograph of Kevin Trenberth
NCAR Senior Scientist
computer modeling of Earth's climate, atmospheric science
Photograph of Warren Washington