Christine Wiedinmyer

NCAR Scientist

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Area of expertise
Air Pollution and Air Chemistry
air pollutant sources and movements; chemical interactions between forests and the atmosphere, including wildfires, and their effects on air quality and climate; the impact of land cover changes on the atmosphere

Wiedinmyer is an atmospheric chemist who studies the causes of air pollution and the movements of pollutants downwind. She has created a unique computer model that enables researchers to conduct state-by-state estimates of wildfire emissions of pollutants, such as mercury and carbon dioxide. Wiedinmyer also participates in studies that look at the influences of natural land cover such as forests, and land-use changes such as urban sprawl, on local weather and air quality patterns. One of her interests is evaluating ways in which climate, technology, and policy may change air quality in the future. Wiedinmyer works in NCAR’s Atmospheric Chemistry Division.