Weather Experts

President Emeritus, UCAR
satellite observations, hurricanes and other tropical cyclones, weather forecasting
Photograph of Richard Anthes
NCAR Scientist
cloud seeding and weather modification; cloud physics; radar meteorology
Photo of Dan Breed
NCAR Scientist
cloud seeding and weather modification; effects of smoke and pollution on clouds and rainfall
Photograph of Roelof Bruintjes
Director, NCAR Aviation Applications Program
communicating information to the aviation industry about potential weather hazards, including turbulence and icing
Bruce Carmichael
NCAR Scientist
interactions of the land surface with the atmosphere; urban heat island effect; impact of large cities on weather patterns
Photograph of Fei Chen
NCAR Scientist
fire weather and the behavior of wildland fires
Janice Coen
NCAR Scientist
turbulence detection and warning systems for aircraft, clear-air, convective, and mountain-induced turbulence
Photograph of Larry Cornman
NCAR Senior Scientist
hurricanes, typhoons, and other tropical cyclones; thunderstorms, squall lines
Photograph of Christopher Davis
NCAR Scientific Program Manager
the impacts of weather on roads and other surface transportation systems; Arctic climate and sea ice
Sheldon Drobot
Director of NCAR's Research Applications Laboratory
severe storms, cloud physics, short-term forecasting, predicting weather hazards for aircraft, weather modification
Photograph of Brant Foote
UCAR Writer/Editor
climate change, severe weather, the history of television weather forecasting, and the communication of global warming issues
Bob Henson
NCAR Senior Scientist
microphysical and radiative properties of ice clouds, software and models for interpreting research aircraft data on clouds
Photograph of Andrew Heymsfield
NCAR Scientist
wind measurement using GPS dropsondes
NCAR & UCAR Expert
NCAR Senior Scientist
hurricane structure and behavior, influence of natural variability and climate change on hurricanes
Photograph of Greg Holland
NCAR Scientist
daily to seasonal flood forecasting; computer models of river levels
Photograph of Thomas Hopson
UCAR Meteorologist
floods and storms; Boulder and Colorado weather
Photo of Matt Kelsch
NCAR Senior Scientist
ice, snow, and hail suppression; the formation of water droplets in clouds; biological antifreezes
Photograph of Charles Knight
Director of UCAR's COSMIC Program Office
regional weather modeling, heavy rainfall prediction, remote sensing using the GPS system
Photograph of Ying-Hwa "Bill" Kuo
NCAR Scientist
societal impacts of weather forecasts and information; environmental and natural resources economics; social sciences
Photograph of Jeff Lazo
NCAR Scientist
hurricanes and tornadoes, including predicting the intensity of landfalling hurricanes
Photo of Wen-Chau Lee
NCAR Senior Scientist
cloud formation and development; storm structures, precipitation
Photograph of Margaret “Peggy” LeMone
NCAR Senior Program Manager
weather forecasting systems for ground transportation systems; improving forecasting for wind energy farms
Photograph of William P. Mahoney III
NCAR Scientist
aviation weather hazards (in-flight icing, turbulence detection)
Marcia Politovich
NCAR Scientist
radars, satellites, and other observing tools; short-term nowcasts of severe weather
Rita Roberts
NCAR Senior Scientist
hurricanes, tornadoes, and other storms; numerical weather prediction
Photograph of Richard Rotunno
NCAR Program Director
design of systems for protection against airborne releases of hazardous materials
Photograph of Scott Swerdlin
UCAR Scientist
Colorado weather and climate; Arctic climate; real time data and imagery
Photo of Jeff Weber
NCAR Scientist
mesoscale meteorology, organized structures within the planetary boundary layer, initiation of thunderstorms
NCAR & UCAR Expert
NCAR Scientist
the impact of turbulence on aircraft; development of new systems to alert aircraft to areas of turbulence
Photograph of John Williams