Sun, Space & Stars Experts

NCAR Scientist
the solar corona, coronal mass ejections, large-scale solar magnetic field
Photo of Joan Burkepile
NCAR Scientist
coronal mass ejections and their precursors; high-speed streams of solar wind that can affect Earth; the overall structure of the solar corona
Photograph of Sarah Gibson
NCAR Scientist
astrophysical fluid dynamics and magnetohydrodynamics, the interior of the Sun and other stars, solar differential rotation, and high-performance computing
Photograph of Mark Miesch
NCAR Scientist
computer modeling of sunspots and other solar features
Photograph of Matthias Rempel
NCAR Senior Scientist
physics and chemistry of Earth's upper atmosphere and ionosphere, theoretical modeling and data analysis of impacts of solar output on Earth's atmosphere, solar terrestrial physics, satellite system design
Photograph of Stan Solomon
NCAR Scientist
the development of instrumentation and techniques to study the Sun’s magnetic fields; Alfvén waves
Photograph of Steven Tomczyk