February 22, 2012 | On February 7, approximately 60 staff gathered at the Mesa Lab to watch eight 5-minute presentations on forward-thinking ideas involving science communications and education. The presenters covered ground from whether the Internet is destabilizing society to how to create a mobile app. (Watch a video of the presentations.)
Susan Van Gundy with a PowerPoint presentation behind her.
February 16, 2012 | On January 16, the UCAR community was saddened to hear that Andy Tasker, director of the GLOBE Program, passed away after a brief illness. “We will always remember Andy for his humor, his joie de vivre and for his immense courage,” wrote the GLOBE staff in a letter to Andy’s family. “While only with us at GLOBE for a brief stay, he made an unforgettable impression and has left behind a remarkable legacy.”
A shelf of globes.
This is the last article published in Staff Notes. We've compiled a brief history of this print and online publication here. For current staff news, please visit For Staff.
Staff Part
November 30, 2011 | An old friend returns to UCAR/NCAR in early 2012. Tom Bogdan came to the organization nearly 30 years ago as a postdoctoral researcher in HAO. On January 9, he’ll take the helm as president of UCAR. “It's a wonderful story that you can walk in the door as a postdoc at the bottom of the scientific ladder in 1983 and come back in 2012 as president,” Tom says. “It underscores the fact that at UCAR there are opportunities for everyone to achieve their goals.” Tom replaces Rick Anthes, who is stepping down after 23 years.
Tom Bogdan
November 30, 2011 | In early January, Rick Anthes will step down after more than 23 years as UCAR president. Staff Notes visited Rick in his office in the Fleischmann Building to reflect on his tenure at UCAR and ask about his plans for the future. How would you sum up your experience as UCAR president?
Rick Anthes
November 15, 2011 | The annual Super Science Saturday event, held in late October, had a new twist for 2011: teeth, claws, and tusks. An array of prehistoric fossils from the Denver Museum of Nature and Science was on display at the Mesa Lab, among the usual Super Science Saturday activities and festivities.
A girl looking at fossils.
September 20, 2011 | On Monday, August 15, about 130 staff who used to show up for work at Foothills Lab 4 headed across the street to the Anthes Building (FLA), where they entered a fully “green” building that features advanced energy efficiency technologies with long-term costs savings to boot. It also boasts comfortable offices, great natural lighting, spacious break areas, and indoor bike storage.
September 15, 2011 | Over the past year, HR has been rolling out the Employee and Organizational Development program (EOD), an enhanced approach to staff development that gathers all such services under one umbrella. The program continues to evolve as HR identifies specific training and skills that help staff thrive at UCAR/NCAR.
September 15, 2011 | At separate workshops held August 29 and 30 at the Mesa Lab and Center Green, more than 50 staff took part in the early stages of crafting the UCAR/NCAR Sustainability Management Plan (SMP). The plan is intended to reduce costs and enhance staff comfort and wellness, as well as help the organization take a leadership role in the local and scientific communities on efficient building management and overall sustainability.
Foothills Lab facility with green lawn and blooming trees outside.
September 1, 2011 | Staff convened at the Mesa Lab on August 26 to cheer on co-workers in the annual Up-the-Hill Races and enjoy food and drinks on the Tree Plaza.


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