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Toilet Paper Waste


I work at Foothills Lab and I have noticed that the custodial staff
apparently throws away a half-full roll of toilet paper at least twice a
week. The dispensers are designed to completely use up the first roll
before the second rolls drops down into place. For some reason, the
custodians remove the first roll when it is still half full of paper and
the backup roll is never used.

They also replace the paper towel rolls when not nearly empty, usually
leaving the half roll on the counter nearby to get wet and wasted and to be
in the way.

I don't know how much these supplies cost but it seems to me that the
current practice is very wasteful. It would be so much more helpful if
custodians would only replace the paper towels when they are completely
empty or nearly so. I don't think they should throw away half-empty rolls
of toilet paper; they should just let the backup roll fall into the primary
spot as soon as the primary one empties (which it does automatically) and
put a new, full one in the backup roll spot.

I'm sure the custodial staffers are trying to do a good job, but it appears
they are wasting supplies and money.

Answered on January 11, 2006


Physical Plant Services is concerned with minimizing waste, and this
concern extends to washroom supplies. We are also committed to having
washrooms stocked and available at all times. Our procedures call for
replacing toilet paper and towel rolls only when they are too low to last
until the next scheduled custodial visit. With restrooms stocked twice a
day, this should mean replacement of only empty toilet paper rolls.
Occasionally, very short towel rolls need to be replaced, with the
remaining towels used by the custodians for general cleaning. Short rolls
are not to be left in the washrooms.
I have reviewed these procedures with the custodial service site manager,
and she will review them with all janitorial staff.

Thank you for your concern, and for taking the time to pass it along.
Please feel free to contact maintenance (ext. 1120) or me (ext. 1134) with
any building maintenance issues, including janitorial concerns.

-Dave Maddy, Maintenance and Construction Manager