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T-Shirt sales


The Staff Notes Monthly article on the new science store said that the
store will be selling T-shirts. Up until now, the EAC has raised funds by
selling UCAR/NCAR T-shirts each year. If the store sells NCAR T-shirts,
won't that have a negative impact on the EAC? With the EAC understaffed and
struggling to continue sponsoring the services and events they
traditionally have, this seems like a bad time to erode one of their
sources of income.

Answered on July 18, 2000


As the questioner correctly states, a large part of the EAC's budget has
historically come from the sale of T-shirts. However, store consultants
hired by UCAR to help develop the new science store recommended that
product development and sales for UCAR/NCAR be consolidated. UCAR
management agreed that this would be a good business decision. Joan
Chiszar, former EAC chair was also supportive of this recommendation, as it
would allow the EAC to be able to focus more time and energy on planning

To compensate for the revenue loss, the EAC requested and received a budget
increase. This will help ensure that the EAC continues to sponsor the
services and events that everyone looks forward to and enjoys. As always,
the budget will continue to be reviewed annually to determine whether needs
are being met and adjusted accordingly.

–Bob Roesch Director, Human Resources