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Spring Fling menu


While I appreciate the hard work that members of the Employee Activities
Committee (EAC) put into staff parties and events, I have a few concerns.
Recently, I have noticed that the food and drink selections provided by the
EAC have been pretty limited. For instance, at one event last year only
beer was served, while in the past, staff has been given a choice between
beer and wine. I have heard recently that this year's Spring Fling menu
will again be composed entirely of vegetarian foods. This has been the case
for the past three years. Since the EAC is intended to represent all
employees, would it be possible for it to provide some variety in menu
selections? Who decides what food and drink is served? I believe others
share my concerns and although I cannot volunteer for the EAC at this time,
I would still like this committee's choices to reflect the staff in its

Answered on April 26, 2004


We understand your concern and you have a valid point. In the past,
NCAR/UCAR events lacked vegetarian menu choices. It was suggested to the
EAC that a vegetarian menu could easily be used for one of the yearly
events while the other events remained non-vegetarian. The EAC agreed and
we've continued to have a vegetarian menu at only the Spring Fling. This
one event helps reflect the staff in its entirety by recognizing the needs
of a group that was previously overlooked. The EAC will consider offering a
choice of vegetarian and non-vegetarian selections at all events in the future.

Regarding the question of who decides the menu: We on the EAC describe the
type of menu we would like and the budget. Food Services responds to this
request. The budget usually limits the creativity and variety of food and
drink choices. For example, we did not serve wine at the Up-the-Hill Races
last August because there wasn't enough money for it. The EAC apologizes to
those who were expecting wine at that function.

Wishing you joy at the Spring Fling and other UCAR events.

-Daniel Ziskin, Spring Fling Coordinator (with the other members of the EAC)