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Smoking on the Trails


What does NCAR do to guard against wildfires? There seem to be a lot of
cigarette butts on the path from the parking lot. Are visitors allowed to
smoke on trails around NCAR?

Answered on August 18, 2000


UCAR has adopted the same rules for trail use as those formulated by the
Boulder Open Space department. Smoking is not allowed on the trail system,
and Boulder Open Space is in the process of posting No Smoking signs on and
near the trails. Boulder Open Space personnel and UCAR security enforce the
rules whenever possible, but given the extensive trail system it is not
possible to observe every user. Given the severe consequences of a
wildfire, please be assured that our security force is making observation
and enforcement a priority. If employees observe violators, they should
immediately report the situation to UCAR security, ext. 1139.

-Steve Sadler, Director, Safety and Site Services