Smoking at FL


The Delphi questions and follow-on discussion of smoking at FL have been
read with great interest. While the new signs and attention given to the
matter are greatly appreciated, they have not been particularly effective.
Some smokers routinely disregard the spirit of the signs, electing to
continue puffing close to the entrances. We should recognize that the
actual number of feet [between the door and the smoker] is not significant.
Rather, the goal is to avoid an accumulation of smoke and cigarette
byproducts in the small area where everyone must pass.

Receptacles for cigarette butts appear to remain close to entrances despite
a prior statement that they would be moved. The weather must obviously be
factored into their location, so perhaps there should be no receptacle at
all in a given region if one can't be located in a sheltered place. Maybe a
different style of receptacle would be more weather-tolerant and could be
located well away from any entrances.

Consider the awkwardness that occurs when smokers choose to puff near
entrances. It is often challenging to be entirely pleasant and exchange a
greeting while holding one's breath. Admiration is due to those who can.

It may be too early in the evaluation period to gauge the overall
effectiveness of the signs and relocation or removal of receptacles. Being
complacent about enforcing the new policy is, however, in error.

With genuine sensitivity for the nicotine addicted--but no less for the
rest of us secondarily affected--UCAR should pursue this issue to a
complete and satisfactory solution. Can we count on that? Is it necessarily
even in UCAR's interest to try and accommodate smoking on the premises at all?

Answered on April 26, 2000


New smokers' urns with weather shields have been ordered for each entrance
at FL. They will have a small sign attached that lays out the directive of
remaining 20 feet from the building. The urns will be shipped at the end of
April and should arrive the first week in May. We hope that this will help
the problem and we will continue to evaluate it. If the problem continues,
we will consider what other alternatives there are.

At their 21 April 2000 meeting, the President's Council discussed a ban on
smoking on UCAR premises and determined it not to be appropriate at this time.

--Katy Schmoll, UCAR Vice President for Finance and Administration