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Scheduling outside activities


I would like to request that employees be notified when activities that may
be disruptive are scheduled at NCAR/UCAR. For example, in July there were
actors and a filmmaking crew at the Mesa Lab for several days. It was
disruptive not knowing what was going on and what all the commotion was.
Also, the parking lot was filled with cars and semitrucks for crew and

As another example, I was working at ML on a Saturday (3 August), and when
I left to go home, I found myself in the middle of some kind of biking
event. I had to wait ten minutes for some people controlling traffic to let
me drive down the hill.

I am not necessarily against such activities at NCAR. All I'm asking is
that you let employees know ahead of time. That way we can know what is
going on, and perhaps adjust our schedules a bit to avoid disruption.
(Note: if the above events were announced and I just missed it, then it is
my fault, and I apologize!)

Answered on September 19, 1996


In most cases, UCAR/NCAR management makes every attempt to notify staff of
events occurring at the Mesa and Foothills Labs that may be disruptive.
Joan Chiszar (Facilities Support Services) distributes a weekly copy of the
ML and FL conference room schedule that lists events Monday through Sunday.
Dale Kellogg (NCAR Director's Office) prepares a calendar of
institutionwide activities, including management meetings, outside
scientific meetings, Human Resources events, blood drives, parties, and the
like. This calendar is sent to each NCAR division and UCAR program. Staff
Notes Monthly and the announcements and calendar sections of This Week at
UCAR are two other vehicles of communication that alert staff to upcoming
events. We hesitate to send out announcements to all local users about
every event that takes place, as we think staff would find this intrusive.

Since I coordinated the film crew in July I can respond directly to your
concerns about that event. First, the crew was not here for several days,
but only one day for approximately ten hours. We had three celebrities on
site and we did not want fans to make a special trip to NCAR to catch a
glimpse of their favorite stars, so we deliberately did not publicize the
filming so as to minimize the disruption to the staff as well as to the
film crew. We asked that all the crew's trucks and cars be parked at the
end of the parking lot so that they would not disrupt our staff. However,
we didn't move them as far down as we could have and we did, in fact, have
a slight parking problem. We've noted this and will make every possible
attempt not to have the problem repeated.

As for the bike race, it would be wonderful to have a calendar that would
include events similar to this in a list of what's going on at ML and FL so
that staff can see everything on a daily basis. We're certainly moving in
that direction. This Week's calendar is now Web-based, and the room
reservation system is in the process of being transferred to the Web. The
institutional calendar also may move to the Web. If you know of an event
that may be of general interest to staff or may cause staff disruption, you
may add it to the announcements section of This Week by sending an
announcement to or contacting Jacque Marshall, ext. 8616, Seminars, meetings, and the like may be entered into the
weekly calendar through the following Web address:

Nita Razo, Manager, NCAR Visual Communications