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Prairie Dogs


I am very concerned about the fact that, on June 22, StorageTek poisoned up
to 8,000 prairie dogs on their Louisville property. What is NCAR's policy
with regard to prairie dogs on its property? As NCAR is one of StorageTek's
largest customers, what is NCAR's view regarding what StorageTek has done?

Answered on August 29, 2002


Although UCAR does not have an official policy on prairie dogs we do follow
recommendations set out in the Boulder County Prairie Dog Management Plan.
For our locations this has required relocating prairie dogs and installing
fencing between our properties and adjacent prairie dog colonies. We have
not and do not use poison to manage prairie dogs on our properties.

–John Pereira, Director, Physical Plant Services

Reply to the second question: While UCAR does not condone
the actions of StorageTek in its handling of this matter, it is not UCAR's
practice to dictate to or advise other companies on their policies or
corporate actions.

–Katy Schmoll, Vice President, Finance and Administration