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Phasing out pesticides


Why does UCAR/NCAR still use pesticides on its lawns? Now that the City of Boulder is moving away from all pesticide use, it seems odd that UCAR/NCAR, an environmentally aware organization, still uses pesticides. The Foothills complex stinks from the recent applications.

Answered on August 26, 2011


Thank you for the inquiry and apologies for the odor.

As you note, a contractor hired by the Maintenance department within Facilities Management & Sustainability (FMS) applied an herbicide solution to the turf grass on the FL grounds on August 4, 2011. Trimec 992, manufactured by PBI/Gordon, was applied at the dilution and rate indicated for post-emergence control of broadleaf weeds in turf.

Along with controlling nuisance weeds (dandelions, for example), this treatment provides cost-effective control of noxious species found on the property, such as thistles.

Within the framework of the Sustainability Management Plan that is currently under development, FMS recognizes the importance of phasing out much of the non-native turf grass on our Boulder campuses. However, this change will take time and require a significant investment.

Until the phase-out is complete, FMS remains responsible for maintaining the existing turf grass at a cost that is within UCAR’s limited grounds maintenance budget. When feasible, Maintenance will attempt to schedule future herbicide applications outside of normal business hours.

David Maddy, Maintenance & Construction Manager
Facilities Management & Sustainability