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Personal Hygiene


I'm having trouble with a co-worker whose personal odor is so foul at times
that when this person enters the room the environmental quality therein is
changed. There are folks in our division who wait to let the air clear
before they enter a space this person has been in. It is that bad. I can't
imagine confronting anyone with this problem. Are there UCAR policies
concerning personal hygiene in the workplace, or are there suggestions
someone can provide that might help someone in my position solve this
problem? I know that people are asked to be considerate about the amount of
perfume they wear. What about someone who could maybe use a bit of perfuming?

Answered on November 16, 2000


Although not addressed in our employment policies, personal hygiene issues,
such as offensive body odor, may occur in the workplace. If the problem is
persistent, employees are encouraged to talk to the person. Since that may
be awkward for some folks, employees may bring the matter to the attention
of that employee's supervisor. The supervisor is responsible for addressing
the situation with the employee as tactfully as possible. HR is available
to assist supervisors or employees who are dealing with sensitive issues
such as this.

-Bob Roesch, Director, Human Resources