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PAM (Portable Automated Mesonet)


I have come to understand that the PAM (Portable Automated Mesonet) station is being moved to a new position just outside the west end of the cafeteria. I appreciate the reason for this move, i.e., that if PAM, in its current position, were struck by lightning, it could result in damage to the computers housed below it. However, the first response of everyone I have talked with about this has been, "Why are they moving it to spoil one of the most beautiful views on the site?" So, why is that?

Answered on August 20, 2002


he new location for the PAM station was based on several needs and
concerns. The PAM station is one of the exhibits used by the Education and
Outreach (EO) program as a learning tool for the many student groups that
visit the Mesa Lab. The location chosen was based on its proximity to the
EO classroom and existing trails. Other options considered would have
required additional trail construction in order to protect the natural
vegetation and minimize the potential of exposing visitors to hazards such
as the snakes that are generally present in the grassy areas at the rear of
the building. The new location is considered to be the best compromise to
meet the needs of the organization while preserving a maximum amount of the
natural habitat and beauty that surrounds the building.

–John Pereira, Director, Physical Plant Services

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