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Open Access to Employee Salary Information (Second Follow-Up to #598)


The response to Delphi Question #600, a follow-up from Delphi Question #598 concerning termination of the open salary policy, did not address the issue of why this change was done with minimum visibility. The follow-up question documented thoroughly how the announcement was obscured. It is additionally noteworthy that not even division directors knew about this very significant change to policy. Furthermore, it was done on the very day that NCAR changed directors.

What person or committee made this decision?

Answered on December 04, 2008


No one decided to make this change with minimum visibility or hide the change, any more than other changes to policies of similar significance. Therefore, I guess the crux of this question revolves around differing views of the significance of the change to policy.

The key point of the policy involved covers the release of employee information; from my perspective, it was not a policy focused on the open pay book, but instead was focused on protecting the privacy of employees. We disagree on the "open pay book" part of this policy being a "very significant" change, but after three Delphi questions, I will acknowledge that some believe this was a very important part of the policy change.

For the record, the update to the policy along with other policy updates was presented to the UCAR Management Committee in March. In that presentation, the emphasis was on protecting personal information for security purposes such as identity theft. The question of the open pay book was never raised. The updated policies were sent to NSF for review, and July 1 was the beginning of the month after the policies were approved. It was entirely coincidental that the new NCAR director began on the same date; although, now that you brought it up, be very careful of any announcements made on January 20th!

I think your question may actually be: "Who decided to obscure the announcement and make it on the day that the new NCAR director took office?" The short answer is: No one. Really. While additional emphasis on communicating this aspect of the policy change may have avoided three Delphi questions about it, the results would in no way have been changed.

Bob Roesch
Director of Human Resources