Offensive Cafeteria Signs


Recently the CG1 cafeteria closed for remodeling and a small cafeteria
opened in the CG4 break room. Several pictures of a half-clad person
decorate the walls in the form of "Quiet – Baby Sleeping" signs. I find
these photos to be disrespectful and inappropriate in the workplace. I'm
wondering if other employees share my concern and what can be done about
these photos.

Answered on November 11, 2004


Thank you for your question. The pictures were not intended to be
disrespectful or inappropriate. They were a humorous attempt to get the
attention of and quiet down an otherwise boisterous cafeteria clientele
following a complaint from adjoining offices about the noise. Obviously, it
worked too well. Apologies are made to anyone who was offended and
specifically to the individual pictured. The pictures will be taken down
immediately and more traditional signs will be posted.

–Steve Sadler, Director, Safety and Site Services