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Non-NCAR Tours at the Mesa Lab


I was recently looking at tours that the Mesa Lab organizes, because
I was giving information to friends visiting Boulder. Then I ran
into the following:
Biblically Correct Tours

I know that NCAR is not running this type of tour, but how can
the organization allow this? I found it to be extremely
uninformative and offensive. The end of the paragraph reads: "You
will be cured of all environmentalistic thinking......" I don't
think that NCAR should allow this to happen. NCAR's mission does
not fit well with B.C. Tours and we should ask them to take us
off their website.

Answered on October 24, 2008


Thank you for this question. It is likely that many staff feel
uncomfortable with the Mesa Lab building being highlighted on the
B.C. Tours website and targeted for B.C. Tours. However, we do
not have the right to prevent the public display of photographs
of the building, and as a public, governmental institution and an
open facility, we have an obligation to open our doors to
everyone interested in viewing our public educational material,
not just those who agree with our science.

We do request that all organized groups visiting NCAR be welcomed
and greeted by a representative of NCAR's Public Visitor Program, and
we take this opportunity for the following reasons:

•to ensure that visitors know that NCAR is not affiliated with
the touring group;
•to ensure that visitors feel welcomed and are familiar with
staff who can address their questions, needs, and/or concerns
during their visit;
•to ensure that all visitors know proper behavior expectations at
•to ensure they know the scope of what is offered (theater,
exhibits, supercomputers, cafeteria, Weather Trail,
Audiotour...); and,
•to ensure visitors know what science is (the nature of science),
what scientists do here, and how they can contact us directly if they
want more

Teresa Eastburn
Coordinator, Public Visitor Program
Office of Education & Outreach