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ML Fountain


Why has the new Mesa Lab fountain not been running in 2004?

Answered on July 17, 2004


The Mesa Lab fountain was shut down shortly after its completion to comply
with the City of Boulder's restrictions on water usage driven by the
drought conditions that started in 2000. The city has eased its
restrictions on water usage this year, but it is encouraging continued
water conservation efforts. Although the fountain is more impressive when
it is in operation, there is a considerable loss of water due to both
evaporation under normal conditions and overflow during windy conditions.
With our many visitors and the high profile that UCAR has in the community,
we feel we are setting a positive example by continuing to conserve water
whenever it is possible to do so without impacting the normal operations of
our facilities.

Thank you for your question.

-John Pereira, Director, Physical Plant Services