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Minimal Waste & Recycling In ML Cafeteria


I just had an Asian stir-fry in the NCAR cafeteria. This was served in a
large black plastic bowl. There was no marking on the bowl to indicate that
it was recyclable. This does not seem to be in keeping with UCAR’s goals of
minimal waste. Could such entrees be served in reusable bowls in the
future, or at least recyclable bowls?

Answered on December 06, 2007


UCAR is committed to making our operations “green,” which includes minimal
waste. Event Services, including the cafeterias, began replacing disposable
products with recyclable products months ago. In addition to being
­environmentally responsible, we must also be financially responsible. So
as not to be wasteful, and recognizing that throwing out existing supplies
before use is not environmentally sound, Event Services is using up the
last of its disposable inventory.

Subsequently, there will be times when cafeteria patrons still encounter
disposable products. One additional problem is that some disposable
products still lack recyclable replacements. Event Services is working
closely with manufacturers to integrate recyclable products as soon as they
come into the marketplace, but there may be instances where disposable
products are used. Thank you for your question.

—Nancy Post van der Burg, Event Services