Library Acquisitions


As tight as the budgets are supposed to be, how can the NCAR Library
constantly buy so many new books? There are almost daily postings of new
books purchased.

Answered on October 01, 2008


The NCAR Library, like other divisions within UCAR/NCAR, is also faced with
difficult budget decisions at this time. Because of this, we are very
careful with the money allocated to us and continually strive to revise our
buying to reflect the research direction of the organization.

In our effort to give our users timely information in difficult budget
times, we subscribe to Books 24x7, a service which provides new books
online, available at all times, in many areas of technology, computer
science, and math. When a new title is added to Books 24x7, it is announced
to alert researchers. These titles are all part of our subscription; there
are no extra costs.

In addition, we have just completed our annual library journal evaluation.
This very thorough process was done with valued input from our users and
will help the Library refine our current journals to offer NCAR researchers
the best materials in their fields of study.

We have also instituted procedures to review and delete outdated items. We
are reducing duplicate hard-copy subscriptions. We are moving to increase
our relevant online offerings, which are available to all researchers
across the organization. We work hard to get materials we do not own to
users through our interlibrary loan process in the most cost-effective way.

We do still add relevant new books to the library collection in our core
areas of study. These titles are announced every Thursday in Today@UCAR. We
value comments and suggestions from UCAR/NCAR researchers and welcome