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Janitorial Services


Is there any supervision of, or checking up on, the custodians after they
have cleaned? I ask because it is apparent that no cleaning of bathroom
floors or toilets has been done for the last two days. The two bathrooms I
use most often have the same hair and paper scraps on the floor and the
same stains on the toilet seats.

This is not only unsanitary, it is embarrassing because one of these
bathrooms gets traffic from visitors. Are the other bathrooms getting
cleaned properly? Who checks? Do you wait until someone complains? This is
not the first time I have had to complain about the lack of cleaning. It is
apparent the company that was hired to do the job of keeping our plant
clean cannot be trusted to do so.

My solution is to hire custodians to work here permanently and give them a
decent wage and benefits. I imagine if the custodians had pride of place,
they might actually take care to do a good job and we wouldn't have to
wonder if the bathroom has been cleaned when we use it next.

Thank you for the opportunity to bring this problem to light.

Answered on August 07, 2008


This question includes three separate issues, requiring separate responses.
The first issue concerns supervision of the custodians and inspection of
their work. As employees of the contractor, janitorial personnel are
supervised by the contractor's site manager and night supervisor. These two
positions are also responsible for inspections and audits of the cleaned
areas within UCAR facilities. In addition to inspections by the contractor,
each building has a "custodial liaison." Liaisons are volunteer UCAR
employees who monitor the condition of each building and advise Maintenance
of issues or deficiencies. We include input from the liaisons in our
oversight of the contractor's performance.

The second issue is a complaint about substandard cleaning of washrooms
within a UCAR facility. Each washroom should be thoroughly cleaned and
stocked nightly, and serviced again once per business day by a custodian at
each site. UCAR personnel who observe any deficiency in cleaning (in a
washroom or elsewhere) are encouraged to contact Maintenance at ext. 1120
or Maintenance dispatches janitorial personnel to
immediately remedy any urgent problem, and we track all deficiency reports
as part of our oversight of the contractor's performance.

Please contact Dave Maddy, Maintenance manager, at ext. 1134 or with any questions or comments on these issues.

The third item involves the custodians' status as contracted rather than
UCAR employees. UCAR did have a full time, in-house custodial staff at one
time. The decision to use contracted custodial services has resulted in
better service than we experienced previously at a considerable reduction
in cost. It is unfortunate that you have experienced less-than-acceptable
performance from our contracted services. When problems are brought to our
attention, we always make an effort to respond as quickly as possible to
correct any of the services we provide to the organization.

Please contact John Pereira, director of Physical Plant Services, at ext.
1128 or with any questions or comments on this issue.

Thank you for your question.