HR Policies, Dress Code, Personal Calls


I tried to find a few items among the Human Resources policies and
procedures and was unable to find them, so I have a few questions.

I think it would be good to add "Delphi Questions" to the Human Resources
Alphabetical Index. Could we please do that?

Answered on October 26, 2005


The Delphi Service has a nice Web site and we will add a link from the HR
page. The Delphi Service is provided under a UCAR Communications policy, so
it has not been listed on the HR home page. I noticed that every other
issue of Staff Notes Monthly this past year had a section on Delphi
questions, so I think the Delphi Service gets a lot of publicity and is
well known by most employees.
(Editor's note: HR Index.)

Question continued: There are some employees who dress as
if our organization is more like a bar, club, or gym than a professional
office. As representatives of our organization I feel appropriate dress
should be expected. How does a new employee know what UCAR/NCAR's policies
are for a dress code? Or is any kind of dress okay with Human Resources?

Response: UCAR does not have a formal dress code. As an
academic institution with many folks from diverse backgrounds, it's hard to
set a common standard that fits with everyone's individual taste. There are
some departments that have a dress code of sorts; for safety, health,
security, or customer service reasons some departments have requirements
that employees must follow. In those areas, the department managers inform
their employees of the requirements.

There may be rare instances when an employee's attire violates a UCAR
policy and HR would become engaged, but otherwise HR does not get involved.

Question continued: Working at our desks for eight hours a
day does not lend much time for making the kinds of appointments that are
required in life, such as doctors appointments. It seems in our division
that a personal call here and there to make arrangements has been
considered acceptable. How does a new employee find out about the
organization's policy on personal phone calls?

Response: Limited personal use is allowed under UCAR's
Access to and Use of Computer and Information Systems Policy (1-1-15).
Phones are considered part of UCAR's information systems along with
computers. This policy says: "Employees may use some UCAR computer and
information systems, such as telephones, computers, Internet access, and
facsimile and copy machines, for limited and reasonable amounts of personal
use. Employees shall reimburse UCAR for any personal use of UCAR telephones
and facsimile machines for long-distance communications. In no event does
personal use include personal business activities or any activity that
would violate any UCAR policy."

You can ask your supervisor, division or program administrator, or Human
Resources if you have questions about work issues.

Thank you for your time and advice on these issues.

-Bob Roesch, Director, Human Resources