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Hiring Freeze


I heard in a meeting with the director of a lab that there is a UCAR­-wide
hiring freeze in place to help save UCAR money, considering the impending
budget shortfalls. (It was the same meeting where we discussed the
four-month delay in raises recently set by Rick Anthes.)

Yet I see many positions advertised and being filled. I have no problem
with people being hired; some of them are my friends. I’m glad for that.
But I’d like straight talk from the administration. If there is a hiring
freeze, enforce it. If there is effectively no hiring freeze, don’t say
there is. It gives the appearance of preferential treatment when you say
there is a hiring freeze, but some people are hired anyway. It makes it
look like those people are special exceptions instead of qualified
applicants filling important positions. (I’m not confusing hiring with

So, is there a UCAR-wide hiring freeze or not? Is it a limited hiring
freeze? Perhaps limited to certain labs, or classes of positions, or to new
positions but not replacement positions?

Answered on April 26, 2008


Thanks for the question. It is an involved issue and some clarification is

The hiring freeze is actually an “NCAR external hiring freeze” and applies
only to NCAR. It was initiated by the NCAR director last August in response
to FY08 and FY09 budget pressures, the continuing resolution, and the
omnibus bill.

The goal of the external hiring freeze is to coordinate and optimize
internal assignments and redeployments of existing staff as an important
and proactive part of our budget and program management. It covers all NCAR
external hires, but provides for exceptions based on demonstration of the
insufficiency of the internal applicant pool and the programmatic need to
fill a position. All exceptions are approved by the NCAR director or the
NCAR deputy director.

Since the freeze went into effect, no position has been opened for an
external posting without this review and approval. NCAR plans to revisit
this temporary policy after confirmation of the FY08 Target by NSF and in
light of projections for funding for FY09 later this calendar year.

UOP has no hiring freeze in place and positions are filled based on
programmatic needs and the availability of funding for the position.

While F&A does not have a hiring freeze in effect, open positions may not
be filled without the specific approval of the F&A vice president. This
requirement went into effect in January in response to the changes in
NCAR’s budget.