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Foothills East Parking Lot Line Spacing


I've noticed that the lines in the east Foothills Lab parking lot where I often park are rather narrow, making it difficult to park large personal and GSA vehicles there. One consequence of these narrow spaces is that it makes it difficult to get in and out of large vehicles once parked. The lot's layout probably meets whatever minimum regulations apply, but given its appearance, the lot will likely need repainting soon. It would be nice to make the spaces slightly wider, or mark some spaces for smaller vehicles and some for larger. Is this something the responsible manager would consider?

Answered on August 12, 2009


Our Foothills Lab parking lot, as many of the parking lots in Boulder, is striped to provide the number of parking spaces needed to meet the requirements of the Boulder County Revised Codes. We meet this requirement by providing a certain number of large vehicle, compact vehicle, and handicapped-access parking spaces. Unfortunately, the spaces are not always placed where they will be the most effective as is the case in the parking area east of FL1. We have a project in the planning stages to repave the Foothills parking lots and we will include locating and resizing parking spaces so that they will better serve the occupants' needs.

Thanks for your question and for bringing this problem to our attention.

John Pereira
Director, Physical Plant Services