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Follow-up to UCAR policy clarification re staff positions


[The question] concerns the nonanswer to the question reported on page 10.
[Editor's note: this question involved the filling of a job for which
formal advertisement through the usual channels was waived under UCAR
policy 2-1-3.] I assume the question was, really: what was the
justification for waiving the policy, i.e., which circumstance listed in
the policy, not simply was the policy technically followed by asking for a

Answered on March 16, 1997


The applicable policy provision for this situation is provision 7E from
UCAR policy 2-1-3, which states that a waiver may be requested when the
candidate is "an extraordinarily qualified individual whose skills are
consonant with UCAR's mission." In this particular situation we had a
highly qualified individual who was already performing a major portion of
the responsibilities. Importantly, we did not have a vacancy into which we
could recruit. Our ability to combine the contracts management function
with risk management was only possible because Butch Taylor agreed to
continue all of his risk management duties as well as take on contract
management functions. Had a bona fide vacancy existed, we would have
advertised for the position. The action we took allowed us to provide
needed management oversight without increasing G&A expenses.

--Jeff Reaves, UCAR Associate Vice President, Business Services