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FL1 Prairie Dogs vs. Lawn


I have noticed that the lawn between the north wall of FL1 and the parking
lot appears to be deteriorating significantly with the prairie dog takeover
occurring there. There are perhaps 10 mounds of dirt, and large sections
are barren. I haven’t noticed this same problem on other NCAR property. Can
anything be done to improve this area’s appearance?

Answered on November 13, 2006


We are exploring ways to correct the prairie dog issues at FL1. Due to
recently adopted modifications to City of Boulder ordinances, the solution
is neither easy nor inexpensive. Any plans to correct the problem have to
be approved by the City of Boulder and would involve relocation and
extensive fencing. Currently the approval process could take up to five
months. Given the ban on relocation of prairie dogs from the first of March
to the end of May, this means that no relocation or construction activity
can occur before next summer. We will keep everyone informed of our
progress on this.

—John Pereira, Director, Physical Plant Services