Family Benefits


Because UCAR/NCAR portrays itself as a family-oriented organization, and
because it employs several foreigners, or persons of foreign origin who
have made this country their new home, would it be possible to reconsider
the health benefits to include not only employees' spouses and children but
also their parents? I think everyone is aware of the degrading state of
health coverage in this country, and such an action by UCAR/NCAR would
benefit the employees and also portray a true family-oriented image of the

Obviously I don't care to be anonymous, and I'm available to discuss this
matter with anybody from UCAR, but I wouldn't want to see my name in Staff

Answered on January 15, 2003


The questioner met with HR to discuss the details of the request, and HR
will be looking into the possibility of providing coverage for parents. Any
other employee who has thoughts on the matter is encouraged to contact
Laurie Carr so that we have an idea of the range of needs in this area.

There are other resources available to those individuals needing to find
health insurance coverage for parents:

For parents over 65 who are eligible for Medicare, there are Medicare HMOs
that provide enhanced coverage. The monthly cost for Medicare HMOs is
between $20 and $150. There are many Medicare Supplement Plans (Medigap)
available with monthly costs of $35 to $250. Both of these plans require
coverage under Part B Medicare, which currently costs $54 per month.

The Colorado Division of Insurance provides a wealth of information for
medical coverage of senior citizens at CoverColorado, the
Colorado high-risk insurance pool, provides coverage for Colorado residents
who are ineligible for other medical insurance because of preexisting
conditions. Additional information, including rates, can be obtained at

-Laurie Carr, Manager, Human Resources