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EAC Bowling Team Sponsorship


Our plans to start a UCAR bowling team may be adversely affected if what I
hear is true—that the Employee Activities Committee (EAC) is no longer
partially funding UCAR employees' team entry fees.

In the parlance of our times, what's the deal? Is the EAC no longer
partially funding running, biking, or what-have-you teams?

I apologize if I sound like a child who wanders into the middle of a movie
and wants to know what's going on, but I have no frame of reference here.
I've heard that perhaps the problem with refunds stems from difficulty with
funding events that take place on religious holidays, which possibly could
be seen as discriminatory. Would it be possible to get an EAC team refund
if we avoid bowling on Shabbos, Easter, Christmas, or what-have-you?

The EAC team refunds were small amounts. It's not like we ever got a
briefcase full of money! I think UCAR teams raise the profile of UCAR in a
positive way. What changed? Did new EAC policies come to light? If you
think sports are cheap these days, then obviously you're not a golfer!

Answered on August 17, 2006


In the past, EAC cosponsored teams that comprised five or more people who
participated in sporting activities that potentially bolstered employee
morale. However, the record of such events shows that only a few
individuals throughout the organization knew about and/or participated in
non-UCAR-affiliated organized activities.

At the recent review of EAC funding structure and practices by UCAR
management, it was determined that EAC funds should be available to all
UCAR/NCAR/UOP employees throughout the organization. Furthermore, a
sponsored event should give all employees an equal chance to participate.
Since EAC already sponsors several such organization-wide events
(Up-the-Hill Races, Spring Fling), it was decided that there is no need to
sponsor non-UCAR-affiliated teams and events. Since EAC operates on a fixed
budget, there are additional constraints posed by increasing costs for the
existing events. Sponsoring teams with small numbers of employees was
deemed a lower priority than the all-UCAR events.

For questions or more information about sponsored events, contact Barb
Holub (ext. 2147).

Finally, EAC is an "open" volunteer-driven entity within UCAR. If you have
a suggestion for an event or activity that would bring UCAR/NCAR/UOP
employees together in a spirit of fun and adventure, let us know by all means.

—Employee Activities Committee and
Bob Roesch, Director, Human Resources