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Display of American Flag


On the occasion of Flag Day, I have a question for you: Why is it that
there is no flag being flown at the Mesa Lab (recognizing the obvious
answer that there is no flagpole!)? As a national institution, and being a
site that is frequented by the public, it seems odd that we do not have one
at least somewhere on the grounds. Even in the Main Seminar Room, the
American flag gets shoved around more like it's a nuisance than an official
emblem of our nation. Shouldn't we try to do a little better than that?

Delphi coordinator's note: Questions about flying the American flag at
UCAR/NCAR facilities have been raised several times in the past: 1975,
1983, 1991, and 1994.

Answered on June 21, 2000


The question posed is both complicated and simple. It is complicated
because there is a wide range of opinions among staff regarding the
appropriate display of the flag. What pleases one person may seem
inappropriate to another. It is simple in that UCAR and NCAR management
have addressed this issue numerous times since the 1970s, at which time it
was decided to display the flag in the lobby area at ML and more recently
in the lobby of FL. This practice has been successful and is deemed by
management as the most appropriate way to show respect for the flag. As for
the flag in the ML Main Seminar Room, it will be moved to an appropriate
location in the ML lobby.

–Steve Sadler, Director, Safety and Site Services