Contract Employee Benefits


I recently heard that contract employees are not allowed to participate in
our all-staff celebrations. I understand that they are not allowed to have
a drink or a plate of food. But can’t we take them something? It just seems
mean not to share with the few contract workers who may be working that
day. The security staff who really help us out during these events come to
mind, as well as the cleaning people who have to work harder to clean up
after the events.

I know we hosted a retirement party for Ron Wicker (former security
manager) before he left. How is it that we can host a party for one
contract worker but not share with other contract workers when they are at
the location where an event is hosted? And why is it such an issue anyway?
It’s just a few drinks or plates of food.

Answered on August 10, 2007


UCAR’s practice of not sharing food and beverages with outside contractors
is a commonly accepted business practice, and one that is consistent with
the wishes of our security and custodial contracting organizations. We have
recently reviewed this practice and are comfortable with our current
policy. The referenced retirement party was contracted and paid for by a
third party, not UCAR. UCAR of course does not determine who may partake in
refreshments in instances of events paid for by others.

—Steve Sadler, Director, Safety and Site Services