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Construction Parking


I work in FL3 and with the construction of FL0, parking has become
challenging. Often it's dicey to leave the parking lot during the day, as
chances are good there won't be a space when you return (especially on bad
weather days). I see that a new small sign has been posted that states the
lot is for UCAR employees and visitors only and that all others will be
towed. Several of us have noticed numerous Wild Oats folks parking in our
lot on a regular basis. While I appreciate their parking predicament, I
don't think we should have to suffer as a result. What is being done to
enforce the UCAR employee and visitor only rule? Perhaps we need parking
passes to display on our vehicles, which would help our security folks
identify who can and cannot park in our lot. Any help would be appreciated.

Answered on February 07, 2005


The writer brings up an ongoing problem during the construction of FL0.
Neighboring businesses have been contacted repeatedly and advised that they
may not park in our lots. We will again contact them and advise them to
park elsewhere or face having their vehicles towed. Additionally, we will
increase security patrols as budget allows. In the past, we have attempted
a parking pass program with limited success given the fluid nature of our
workforce and many visitors. While a parking pass program could be
initiated it is not deemed cost effective at this time. If the writer or
any other employee sees a parking violation they should contact security
immediately at ext. 1139. A security officer will be dispatched to deal
with the situation. Thank you for your question.

–Steve Sadler, Director, Safety and Site Services