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Cigna ID cards


Recently, a co-worker of mine was eating in an out-of-town restaurant when
someone made off with her purse. In addition to the usual hassles of
dealing with lost credit cards, driver's license, etc., my coworker began
worrying that the thief might see her CIGNA health insurance card-which
contained her Social Security number. Unfortunately, once someone knows
your Social Security number, they can use it to commit fraud and other
crimes. For that reason, most credit card companies and the Colorado Motor
Vehicle Division do not put Social Security numbers on credit cards or
driver's licenses. In addition, many health insurance companies, including
Kaiser, have stopped putting Social Security numbers on identification cards.

I'm wondering if CIGNA would consider issuing cards to UCAR staffers with
new identification numbers that won't be based on our Social Security
Numbers. If not, what do CIGNA and UCAR recommend to ­prevent us from
becoming victims of identify theft?

Answered on November 11, 2004


Your question could not have been timed more perfectly. We just learned
that CIGNA is introducing a new member identification program for all
participants in 2005. Instead of using your Social Security number on the
CIGNA Membership Identification card, CIGNA will assign you an Alternate
Member Identifier (AMI) that will appear on your ID card. All CIGNA
participants, whether or not they have changed plans in 2005, will receive
a new membership identification card with a newly assigned AMI. Please look
for the new card(s) to arrive at your home address about the first week of

Please note that a member's Social Security number is still required at the
time of initial enrollment into the health insurance plans. Thereafter,
members can use the new AMI at the time of service by presenting the CIGNA
membership card. If a participant forgets to take their ID card anywhere,
their claim can still be cross-referenced with the Social Security number.

-Laurie Carr, Benefits Manager, Human Resources