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Catering contract


NCAR/UCAR is the host for many seminars, lectures, and workshops. We use a
variety of different vendors for everything from supplies to caterers. For
outside caterers, we are encouraged to give them a dollar amount that we
would like the cost of the meals to remain within, for accounting and
budgeting purposes. I think this practice should be used for our in-house
catering also. A simple contract which states how much money is to be used
for each function would allow each project leader to stay within budget and
it would also help for budgeting projections. This would not require a
complicated contract, only one that would specify the dollar amount along
with dates and times. This would also help so that budget breakdowns can be
done without having to wait until the end of the month or longer to reconcile.

Answered on October 03, 2002


Please note that all pricing information is available on our home page at sass/conference/index.html. This can
be used for budgeting purposes, as your charges will reflect exactly what
is indicated. The charges listed are inclusive-they cover everything from
preparation to service, delivery, and clean up as well as linens and table
skirts. Request forms are also accessible from the home page for your
convenience in placing orders and making any special requests, including
budgetary considerations.

At the end of the monthly billing cycle, you will find these processed as a
chargeback against your account. This is followed up with a detailed
hard-copy breakdown of charges to the requester. We are also working with
IT to further automate the billing process, which will improve the
timeliness of chargebacks.

-Velma Ryan, Director, Food Services