Cafeteria Charges


I recently learned that employee charges through the cafeteria had been duplicated. I was suspicious when I saw my payroll deductions from the cafeteria were much higher than they should have been, but I only learned about it through a co-worker because a message about the error had been circulated just to the admin_net email alias.

Additionally, in the past, I have heard stories from other employees who were charged for more than they purchased, and they only caught the error because they happened to save their receipts. I was wondering if it would be possible to receive monthly print outs of cafeteria charges (like we do from CISL with the personal call reports), to ensure that we are being charged appropriately?

Answered on February 25, 2009


Thank you for your question. You are correct that cafeteria charges were duplicated for pay period 2. These charges were corrected in the following pay period. We have also reprogrammed the pay system to prevent this particular error from occurring again. In the future we will send communications about this type of occurrence to a broader audience via Today@UCAR.

Our experience is that we have four to six instances of incorrect employee charges in the cafeterias per year, typically due to illegible signatures on "honor" sheets or duplicate names. The current system is not capable of automatically producing monthly printouts for cafeteria charges, making the cost associated with providing them prohibitive. If you have any concerns about your cafeteria charges, please contact Food Services.

Katy Schmoll
Vice President for Finance and Administration