American Flag at Center Green


Many of us would like to know why there is no American flag flying at the
Center Green campus. We feel that, as an American institution funded
primarily by government dollars, the flag should be prominently displayed.

Answered on July 23, 2006


Thank you for your question regarding the flag. It is our intent to fly the
flag at CG. However, there is a serious safety hazard that must be
addressed first.

All UCAR flags are raised and lowered by our contract security force, and
this is usually a simple and quick process. However, because of the design
and location of the flag at CG, this process requires several security
officers and ladders. We have neither the budget nor the security personnel
necessary to do this twice a day. We are working with Physical Plant
Services to either design and build a special access platform or to
illuminate the flag, which will allow it to be flown 24/7. (See section 6a
of the flag code.)

In either case, once completed we will begin to fly the flag at CG.

—Steve Sadler, Director, Safety and Site Services