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Alcohol Policy


Recently I gave a bottle of wine to a coworker. This necessitated bringing
the wine to work and keeping it in my office for a while. After that, my
coworker presumably had to keep it in their office for a while before
taking it home.

My understanding is that this did not violate NCAR rules since the bottle
remained sealed while on NCAR premises. Is this correct? What are the rules
regarding alcohol at NCAR?

Answered on August 10, 2001


Since the bottle was sealed and not consumed on UCAR premises, you did not
violate UCAR policy. (I hope it will be consumed in the near future at a
much more enjoyable site.)

UCAR has a very specific policy regarding the consumption and serving of
alcohol. Policy 1-1-19 states, in part: "Alcoholic beverages are served at
UCAR functions or on UCAR premises only under controlled and limited
conditions in order that UCAR may act in a socially responsible and legal
manner. No alcohol may be served or consumed at UCAR functions or on UCAR
premises unless expressly approved by a member of the President's Council."

For more detail, you may review Policy 1-1-19 at