Aging Vending Machines


The aging vending machines at FL2 and FL4 have become increasingly unreliable. At various times the machines will not accept coins, will not give change, or will accept money but not dispense products. Many of us have left multiple sticky notes indicating problems.

The people at the vending company that services these machines are cheerful when called, and they seem responsive to each sequential problem, but it is annoying to have to call the company again and again. When the machines are broken on evenings and weekends, the only way to get a quick snack is to take time to go off campus, which isn't good for either productivity or morale. There seems little point in having vending machines at UCAR when they may or may not work on a given day.

Does UCAR own our vending machines? If so, can we replace them with more modern and reliable models? If not, can we ask our vending company to replace them?

Answered on November 24, 2008


We'd like to thank the writer for bringing this to our attention. We will immediately increase our monitoring of these machines. The machines are owned and operated by private companies and not by UCAR; however, we expect a certain level of professionalism and quality associated with their operation. We've contacted the companies and have been assured that the machines will be replaced soon. If you have any future issues, problems, or complaints, please contact Debbi Griffin at ext. 1147. We apologize for any inconvenience staff has suffered as a result of the improperly operating machines.

Debbi Griffin
Event Services