Regional Reanalysis at The Met Office

Dale M. Barker
The Met Office
Data Assimilation and Ensembles (DAE) Section of Weather Science

As part of the EURO4M project (European Reanalysis and Observations For Monitoring: 2010 - 2014), the Met Office has developed an atmospheric regional reanalysis capability in order to study the local variability of European weather/climate variables at resolutions not permitted by the current generation of global reanalyses.

The 12km UM-based regional reanalysis system is nested within the ECMWF's ~80km ERA global reanalysis, and assimilates observations from the ERA database. Data assimilation of both conventional and a wide range of satellite data is performed using the four-dimensional variational (4DVAR) approach. In the pilot EURO4M project, the reanalysis has been run for an initial 2-year period (2008-2009) and validated against independent observations and other reanalysis datasets. This talk will provide an overview of the system as well as results from initial evaluation efforts.

The extension of the reanalysis period to the full satellite-era (1978-present) together with the introduction of reanalysis uncertainty estimates via ensemble DA will be undertaken in the new UERRA project (Uncertainty Estimation for Regional ReAnalyses: 2014- 2018). Future plans for UERRA and other regional reanalyses (e.g. for the Indian Monsoon) will be presented.

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Thursday, 24 July 2014, 3:30 PM
Refreshments 3:15 PM
NCAR-Foothills Laboratory
3450 Mitchell Lane
Bldg 2 Small Seminar Room 1001

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Thursday, July 24, 2014 - 3:30pm