SEA Seminar - Linux (In Other Words, Android)

It's 1983. A time traveler materializes in front of me. He hesitates a moment, then asks, "You're a UNIX guy, right?"

I say, "Right."

"In another thirty years, the dominant UNIX flavor will be the one running inside phones."

"Well ... okay. Bell is a telephone company. But how will users dial up the printer?"

I will give a 5,000-foot view of that flavor, called Android, to get you excited about developing on it yourself. You did UNIX. You did primitive Linux. Why bail out now and give other developers all the fun?

And when I say "Android development," I don't just mean building apps -- everyone and his mom does that -- I also mean building the underlying platform.

I promise there will be interesting demos.

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Jeffrey Haemer

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Main Seminar Room

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Thursday, April 25, 2013 - 3:00pm