Get UCAR Emergency Text Alerts on Your Mobile Devices

Please check your email inbox today for a message from Christy Fletcher from the email address, inviting you to register to receive emergency alerts from UCAR via SMS text messages on your mobile devices. 

Signing up for text alerts on your personal devices is completely optional and is being offered as a convenience to staff and official visitors who choose to do so.

We've established a help desk for the service at You can also contact Christy, using the information below.

The text alerts are Phase 1 in a staged rollout of UCAR's new emergency notification system. For more information about text messaging as well as future opportunities in Phase 2 to add personal voice and email, see: UCAR Emergency Alerts for Staff and the associated Emergency Alerts FAQ.

Whether or not you choose to add this new service, all staff and official V1 visitors will continue to receive emergency notifications via these services:


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