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Visiting Scientists Arriving December 9-15, 2012

Name:  Francesco Zuccarello
Home Institution:  Centre for Mathematical Plasma Astrophysics (CmPA), Leuven, Belgium
Visit dates:  December 10-13, 2012
UCAR location:  CG1, room 3618, phone x1587
Host:  Sarah Gibson
Program:  HAO

Name:  Zbigniew Piotrowski
Home Institution:  University of Warsaw, Institute of Meteorology and Water Management, Warsaw, Poland
Visit dates:  December 10-21, 2012
UCAR location:  FL3, room 3040, phone x8984
Host:  Piotr Smolarkiewicz
Program:  NESL/MMM

Name:  Ditte Mogensen
Home Institution:  University of Helsinki, Department of Physics, Helsinki, Finland
Visit dates:  December 14-21, 2012
UCAR location:  FL0, room 2178, phone x1410
Host:  Alex Guenther
Program:  NESL/ACD

Name:  Hong Zhang
Home Institution:  Computational Science Laboratory, Department of Computer Science, Virginia Tech, Blacksburg, VA
Visit dates:  December 12-22, 2012
UCAR location:  ML, room 392B, phone x2433
Host:  Natasha Flyer
Program:  CISL/IMAGe

Name:  Sebastian Hoch
Home Institution:  University of Utah, Department of Atmospheric Sciences, Salt Lake City, UT
Visit dates:  December 11-13, 2012
UCAR location:  FL1, room n/a, phone n/a
Host:  Tom Horst and Steve Semmer
Program:  EOL/ISF

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