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Here come the visitors
Fresh faces in the lobbies, lively discussions in the halls, old friendships renewed—it’s summer at NCAR & UCAR, and that means visitors. Hundreds of people attend our colloquia and workshops each year from June to August.

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Derecho in DC: Science and surprise
With a ferocity to match the record heat it displaced, a thunderstorm complex raced from Illinois to the Delaware coast in a mere 12 hours on Friday evening, June 29. It knocked down countless trees and power lines, with wind gusts topping 80 miles per hour in many spots. It threw millions of people into turmoil, with air conditioners, computers, and phones out for days. And it brought to light a weather word du jour with an obscure but intriguing history.

AtmosNews | Research Brief
Hurricane anti-fuel
With another tropical storm season well under way, scientists continue to investigate the ways in which nature nourishes or mitigates hurricanes. NCAR scientists are among those analyzing the peculiarities of storm intensity.

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