Staff News: Cycle Culture, International Partnerships

Cycle culture: It's thriving at NCAR & UCAR
As the weather heats up in June, so do the derailleurs and spinning wheels of Boulder’s avid cycling community. NCAR & UCAR are firmly in the local bike groove, which is especially obvious on Bike to Work Day (tomorrow--Wednesday, June 27--and it's not too late to register). It's also evident at 11:45 a.m. each Tuesday, when anywhere from 15 to 40 local cyclists gather in front of FL2 for an informal lunchtime ride. 

Meet up, listen up, eat up: Advice for building international partnerships
A rapt audience heard practical advice, humorous anecdotes, cautionary tales, and other insights from three seasoned experts during the brown-bag seminar Experiences in Building International Partnerships, hosted by the UCAR Asian Circle on June 19 at CG1.

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