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There Once Was an Island - Indigenous Arts and Film Festival

We would like to invite you to attend the showing of "There Once Was an Island" at the Denver Botanical Gardens on Tuesday, July 19, 7pm, presented by the Indigenous Arts and Film Festival.

"Three people in a unique Pacific Island community face the first devastating effects of climate change, including a terrifying flood.  Will they decide to stay with their island home or move to a new and unfamiliar land, leaving their culture and language behind forever?"

For more information about the film go to: http://www.thereoncewasanisland.com/

Following the film there will be a panel discussion, which will include the following panelists:

Abigail "Ma'Ko'Quah" Jones: Ma'Ko'Qyuah is a student at Haskell Indian
Nations University who has been looking at the impact of climate-change
related relocation on indigenous communities, and introduced the concept
of "Oceanic Manifest Destiny".

Joan Kleypas: Joanie is an NCAR scientist and marine ecologist/geologist
who focuses on how coral reefs and other marine ecosystems are affected
by changes in the Earth's atmosphere and climate. Her research describes
and predicts the impact of atmospheric carbon dioxide on coral reefs and
guides efforts to conserve coral reefs and other marine ecosystems.

Heather Lazrus: Heather is an NCAR post-doc and environmental
anthropologist who spent 10 months living on Tuvalu studying human
adaptation to climate change. She also works with NOAA to conduct
interviews interviews in Alaska & Pacific Northwest on how climate
change & new policies are affecting livelihoods & outlooks.

Please join us.

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