Sea Seminar - The Semantic Web and Weather

Date and Time: 2011 Jan 27th @ 3:00pm
Location: CG1-1214 North Auditorium
Speaker: Thomas DiGennaro

The Internet is in the middle of yet another revolution, the advancement of the Semantic Web: a large, sprawling, contradictory, confusing set of tools, standards, ad hoc implementations, and sometimes warm attitudes. For about the first half, I’ll talk about the Semantic Web in general, emphasizing its main goal: to let software communicate better with other software, in service of the user. The “meaning” in “semantic” applies to machine understanding! Surprise! I’ll try to match the content to the needs of the audience, but I’ll mention RDF (triples), Ontologies (including reasoning), SPARQL (a query language), existing major services and tools (Google, Powerset, Reuters, Dbpedia), Lucene for text analysis, Allegro for triple store. As many as I have time for.

The second half of the talk is about the website text enhancement tools that I’m obsessed with. And their application to knowledge presentation – in particular Meteorological information. Please excuse me in advance for my attempt to discuss a domain where I’m not expert. My goal will be to raise questions, to poke at problems, and to suggest some directions.

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